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18 February 2014

It might be a little late to start an introduction of my blog, but as you can see in 'meet the author' page, you probably know this blog is the expression of my soul,
It speaks right about my heart, to know me, you should read every post in this blog.

Since you recognized this blog mostly about the positive mind,
So here is the reasons why I made all the writings.

I was a person with some negative thoughts and 
I don't really know the right way to express my care and love to people that are close to me.
Maybe that's why I must say good bye to some of them.

Not everybody see the world like what I see.
The thing is, I understand the reason and the purpose I have is really good, it's for their own good,
But I just did it in a wrong way, turns out not everybody see the world like what I see. 

Everybody has a different concept of happiness.
And sometimes we just have to let them decide what's best for them.
Even when we think they deserve better.

Accepting the difference
between me and the people I love is really hard at the first time,
I don't wanna see them getting hurt.

But I learned that if I wanna love someone, I must accept all parts of them.
Maybe even in the way that I don't understand it.

So I began to learn personality of people
It was fun and I am able to tell which personality a person having, and how to treat them differently, that suits to their personality.

I trained my mind to keep positive with bunch of books and psychology talks I saw in YouTube,
It was more than a year I've been doing this.

Recommended Books!!! :) 

Personality Plus
5 Love Languages
The Secret

Share with me your favorite one!


When feeling down...

And every time I feel down, I listen to a kindness talk.

 Sometimes I can write all of my feelings and feel relieved.

Sometimes I will find a wise friend I have, to remind me about positivity and the worthy of myself.

I will push myself again to listen to the positive audiobook I had just in my smartphone. I think it is a good idea to put it straight in phone, you should have too, it really helps in anytime, anywhere. :)

And the favorite part is I will find YouTuber and Blogger that inspire me, and will start to see what their posts look like. It makes me feel better and want to be the best again! 


I knew I made mistakes back then, That's why some people go.

But the people that stay beside me til now I figured what my mistake was.

The people who are believing in me,
Even when I was not believing in myself.

They are the reasons I am becoming better and better.

You know, I feel very blessed and lucky to have them.
I wanna treat them really good, as their patience and love to me.

Cheers to everyone I love that still with me! #thankyou


Here, Alive & Be Inspiration.

I am just a person like you,
I made mistakes, but it doesn't mean I can't be a winner.

As long as I want to stay positive,
As long as I am believing in myself,
As long as I learn to love,
As long as I do the kindness...

I am a winner.

My existence here is never, ever, a mistake.

Through every post here, 
It brings a pure inspiration, an enlightenment for you. 
It is a reminder on how special you are.

And you and me can always read it back when we need it. :)

That if I can do this, you can too.

I hope I can inspire you, I hope this blog can be your best friend.

If you want me to do a specific topic or just tell me what you think, 
You can always post comment or email me!

Thanks guys! It's incredible to have 60 followers now on BlogLovin'. 
I love every comment that I receive. You guys are just too lovely!

See you on next post :)
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  1. Aww oh my gosh this is so adorable and motivational! You seem like such a beautiful and genuine person! xx Thank you for all of this!

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  2. This post is really adorable, it's so great that some bloggers still have those purpose for their blog in mind ! :) <3

    (My favorite book ? Well it's a french book and I don't even know if it's translated in english : Amélie Nothomb, Métaphysique des tubes )


  3. I nominated you for the liebster award! You can see the questions I asked in my latest blog post on

  4. Nice one Sherli! Being inspired or inspiring people is always one of the best feeling that you unable to describe with words. Keep learning things from everyone and everything around us <3.