Summertime Escape in Perhentian Island + 3 OOTD + Friendship Story

9 July 2014

If you followed my instagram, you must have realized that I was having summertime escape to an island with my classmates. But I save the best pictures for this blogpost, so stay tune! 

What makes it fun is we all girls! We shared one room for five person, it has one living room with sofa, TV, mini fridge, 2 Queen size bed, it has 2 balconies, it's sea view, which is sooo amazing. 

Imagine waking up anytime and open the window, walk to the balcony and see the infinity sea view right in front of you. Magnificent.

Posed in room's balcony :)

Since I am a univeristy student in Kuala lumpur, lucky me to fly only 45 minutes to Kota Bharu, with Air Asia, it only takes 129 RM for return ticket, then we take jetty to the small Perhentian Island.

A little bit about Perhentian Island:
Both islands are fringed by white sand beach, and the reefs and crystalline water are host to a wide variety of coral, sea-turtles, jellyfish, small sharks and reef-fish. The islands' maximum elevation is approximately 100 m (328 ft) and they are uniformly covered in coastal tropical jungle, with few interior foot-trails and no roads.
Other than the owners and staff of the numerous cabin-style resorts that dot the islands (many of whom depart for the monsoon season), the islands' only permanent inhabitants live in a small fishing village on Kecil. With the exception of a single mainland-communications tower on each island, there are no structures taller than two storeys.

I arrived in a long white bridge and all I see around me is clear sea, beach sand, small boats and trees. We all can't stop say 'wow' and we all so excited to be here, finally!

Our hotel Sharila, was connected to the bridge, it has this nature style with wood dominant for the rooms and all rooms are separate in cottages. No need to go too far from room, next to our room is already stairs to Romantic beach.


Way down to the beach! 

Every room is separated, like a cottage! I like the hotel environment.

We were going crazy in taking pictures. All time we found ourselves do selfie, and ask friend a help for taking pictures because, it is so beautiful.

As we are girls, we do photoshoot of course! We help each other put on make up and curling the hair. Dress very nicely and then run to the beach for the photos. I also prepared summer photobooth properties. Look cute right? 

What would you pick among all the photobooth properties? Mustache? Ice cream? Watermelon? Sunglasses?

We lost WiFi and Mobile signal, it's gone for good so we can have quality times together, since its only a few days. What happened when five girls live in a same room? 

We knock the bathroom doors and count the time left to whoever in the bathroom. It was full of screaming because we can't miss any schedule there. Even when my friend hasn't finished yet, we already force her to come out. Lol!! 
When it was my turn, I asked where is my hair mask, they all panic and yelled at me and said 'There is no time anymore to use hair mask!' Hahahaha! 

My friend then helped me to dry my hair while I was doing my skincare routine. Playing monopoli deal, and laughing out loud til rolling on the floor.

The dressing table always full, you know, girls. We always have skincare routine and make up there. Especially summer needs more sunblock lotion every 3 hours. 

We watched the weirdness when the others were sleeping, and told them the morning after, and laughing. 
Well, When you share room with people who has the same humour with you, everything is just too funny. I think when you spend time with your best friends in a room for 3 days, you will laugh too much. 

"After 3 years... I know what will make you feel annoyed before it happened, We laugh at the same silly-freak-weird jokes ever, I know where your dreams will take you to. And I know I will miss these times when we can easily gather, living in the same building. Because you are precious. ♡"

Tribute to my best friends, we are classmates and always gather with too many jokes and sometimes girls talk! I will really miss you girls!

Here's our sunblock lotions pick!

NIVEA SPF 30+  before going to sun 

NIVEA Sun cares for your skin in more ways than one, with maximum broad spectrum sun protection in a formula that nourishes the skin.


NIVEA SUN Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion combines strong UVA and UVB filters that shield the skin from sun damage with rich moisturizers and vitamin E that protect the skin from dehydration to ensure that you're better protected, because well cared for skin is less vulnerable to sun damage.
  • Increases your skins natural sunburn protection
  • UVA+UVB Protection – against skin ageing + sunburn
  • Vitamin E – protects skin from dehydration
  • 4 hours water resistant.

  • NIVEA Moisturising After Sun Lotion is non-greasy and contains Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5 to soothe the skin as well as Vitamin E to support the skin’s own defence system against premature ageing caused by free radicals.

  • Super water proof + Long hour UV protection
  • Maximum long hour UV protection against UVA & UVB
  • Super water-proof
  • For face & body
My friend used this and she said her skin is not burn / darker after snorkeling. 

  • A key product within the Immortelle Brightening collection, the Brightening Shield includes both Immortelle essential oil and Bellis Perennis (Daisy) extract. These Mediterranean flowers of light have complementary effects.
  • Immortelle essential oil stimulates collagen production, filling in wrinkles and firming the skin

#1st OOTD
Tribal dress for summer - Cotton On
Mint-Peach Polkadot Sandal - VINCCI

Perfect for summer. 
The material is not too hot, which is good, because the weather's temperature is higher than usual.
What I like is, the dress is flowy and comfy but also overall looks very feminine, I fell in loveee with this look.  

Watermelon bite! ;) 

Second day was escaping to other small beach with water taxi, for 70rm per ride. 
We found this beautiful and clear sea.

I was enjoying the view since the first I sat at the water taxi (small boat :p) and recorded it so I will still remember. I completely forgot about all the problems I have and just admiring how everything is going there. The sand on my feet, the cliffs, the wave, the infinity sea, the sky. World doesn't seem scary anymore, I think to myself. What else to be worried for, I can't remember. All I know is I will go to island again, someday. The scenery is too precious.

#2nd OOTD
Black lace tank top - unbranded 
Vira Yellow midi skirt from Ramune Online Shop
 Straw Hat from H&M

It is perfect for photoshoot, the color is pretty, the material is soft and it looks girly as well for overall look. I can hold the edges of my skirt and act like a lady in vintage era.

I was really happy and can't stop admiring the beauty of the sea!

#3rd OOTD

Straples Rose Print Peplum Dress from Forever 21

What I love is it is a slim-fit dress and it really gorgeous and feminine. 
It makes whoever use it, look slim and gorgeous.
I am a flower-pattern lover, so this dress makes me love it more!

Since it is a beach OOTD, pardon me for not using beautiful shoes or bag. Let me play with the sea! :)))))))

The trip was funny, memorable and for me it is a very important thing to do before graduating college soon. We always plan wanna go here, go there, at the end it was cancelled. So it is a big moment for me, finally went here!

Creating happy moments by escape to an island together.

I feel so blessed and lucky for having this trip with them, I don't know after graduate when we can gather like this, since we live in different cities. 

Thank you for the perfect memories that every time I see all the pictures in Perhentian Island, I smiled. Moments and time spent with beloved people are more precious than anything.

Many people asked me on how much I spent on going there, So here's the link to the tour package I have used for the trip, Sealife Inn

We were choosing Fullboard Package B

Package is inclusive of;
  • 2 ways speedboat transfer return from Kuala Besut Jetty
  • 3D2N stay at Shari-La Island Resort (All rooms are attached with Aircond/ TV/ Bathroom) 
  • Daily breakfast at Shari-La restaurant
  • 1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 BBQ Dinner at Shari-La Island Restaurant
  • 1 lunch at MJ Café during snorkelling trip (2nd Day)
  • 1X snorkeling trip by boat with MAYA Snorkeling Guide surrounds Pulau Perhentian with equipment.

Duration: 10:30am – 4.00 /5.00pm  Location: 5-6 snorkeling point
1- Turtle Bay (Water confident session)
2- Turtle beach
3- Rest at Village (Lunch at MJ Cafe)
4- Shark Point
5- The Lighthouse Coral Reef
6- Romantic Beach 

The date we were going was peak season, and it still cheaper than what I checked on the website now, it was 399 RM for one person. 
For more information, check the link and contact the tour! :)

Who will you take to enjoy the infinity sea? 
Whose hands will you hold when you were in underwater? 
What message will you write on the sand? 
Will you put your hands in the water while the boat takes you to another island? 
What song will you listen when you sit in the cliff and enjoying the seaview?

I guess you are already imagined going to an island, yes or yes?

I don't normally laugh at the same thing, but when we recall the stories in Perhentian Island, I laugh. 

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