Le Quartier Restaurant Jakarta - Review

18 October 2014

Hello!! Today's post is about a restaurant in Jakarta. 

If you're a fan of western food, go to Le Quartier Restaurant.
It is located in Senopati area where is the heaven for all good places to eat. 
You only need to walk a bit and you find another different restaurants/cafe/mini stall with unique concepts. 

First impression of this restaurant, Classy, Modern and Artistic. Yes, from the name "Le Quartier" it sounds European, super serious and high-class. 

Thumbs up for the grafitti art is very eye-catching and it made the place not "too serious". 
Anyway, attractive decoration and the interior is keeping the ambience classy and comfy. 

The Vintage Decorations near the door.
You can either wait here to be served or just take a photo. :D 

I really love the classy interior <3 
They are like a fine dining, and also has open bar, but yet the place is still casual for hanging out. 

The other parts of the restaurant. Yes, this restaurant is big and it fits many people in here. 
While I was coming here, it was still early, around 10-11 AM. So it was not crowded at all. 
But some tables are already reserved. 

Closer look to the graffiti. 

Okay let's place an order! It's a bit pricey here, so it will be perfect if you bring your loved one for special occasion.

I chose Egg Bennedict because I was craving for it on the first day I arrived in Jakarta. And they gave the wholegrain bread as well. 
The blue napkins just match the place's decoration, don't you think? 

The photogenic Egg Bennedict. I supposed to only post one photo of this, but I can't help it. 
It's just super photogenic. >< 
The presentation of the food is very beautiful. Thumbs up! 

Every bite is a combination of soft bun, ham, spinach and hollandaise sauce. 
Good, but not really tasty.
But I am a fan of Eggs Bennedict so it's just fine for me :) 
it's just perfect to start my day with this breakfast. 

Rate: 3/5 

A basket of wholegrain bread, 
which is pretty hard to chew and bitter, 
but it's still okay to eat if you are hungry :)

Rate: 2/5


Le Quartier Restaurant
Open from 07.00 - Onwards

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  2. the place looks lovely and the food photos are making me hungry


  3. what an amazing restaurant!! :D the food looks so delicious!! :D
    thanks for sharing this! wish i can go there to experience it!

    Animated Confessions

  4. That place looks absolutely classy. And the outfit you're donning is classy as well.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  5. amazing place & you... ohhh you look so femme, pretty & elegant!
    inspiring me :)
    thanks for sharing :)
    can we follow eachother for keep in touch?
    let me know, please. I always follow back :)
    have a inspiring day :)


  6. Stunning post, photo's are amazing

    Please let me know if you would be interested in following eachother on GFC.Would love to stay in contact.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  7. Wonderful post! Ini kayaknya tempat yang seru banget! Boleh tanya gimana dengan pricingnya? Dan berapa lama kamu stay dsana waktu itu? Apa pas siang-siangnya lebih rame? Berniat datengin juga setelah baca post ini ;)

    Btw, that mural was made by my favourite Indonesian street artist, darbotz. You should check him out. Also, since I notice you're interested in design as well, I'd love to chat with you sometime :)