When in doubt, bake.

16 May 2014

Hello lovely readers,

I've been so busy lately working on my final project, which I am in my last semester to finish my college. It's just like a speed of light, 4 years I've been in Malaysia and I'm gonna leave this place soon, with a degree of art next to my name. That sounds good and promising. :)

Recently I've been too focused on my final project, so I didn't have time to bake,
Whaaaat? Didn't have time?
Surprisingly not, 
Oh I have time to bake. 

It's really important to do something you love no matter how busy you are. 
And that's what I'm doing to enjoy my life more and more. 

Baking with organic food and fruit, 
means, knowing what you're gonna eat is one of the healthiest way to live. 
This is an Oatmeal Bar with Banana, which is very simple to make, it smells really good and I love it!

I just had this evening snack with a cup of hot green tea. Healthy enough? :) 

What do you like to bake?

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  1. that pizza looks good! i hope i can bake well like you do xx

    Letters To Juliet

  2. It looks so yummy!! :9
    Thank you for stopping by my blog
    Follow for follow? :) Let me know


  3. It looks so delicious. I love to bake muffins and cookies. :)
    Thanks for your comment.
    Fashion Happenss