"Someday" and "What If?"

20 March 2014

For those who never do something, because you are waiting for 'Someday',
Let's stay tune on this blog.

Definition of 'Someday'
A perfect day, to do the perfect thing.
Which will, by the way, never happened.

I used to wait for that 'Someday' to come and I'll do what I want to do.
But that perfect timing never come.

And the time passed by with you still wondering,
'What if...?'

Definition of 'What If...?'
After passed a great opportunity to do something
you want to do, because you are afraid or not ready yet.
Which will lead you to a regretful feeling.

We all have hobbies, new ideas,
things we want to have,
people we want to meet,
places we want to go,
dreams we want to achieve.

But, sadly
It is not going to happen, 
If you just do nothing.
If you just wait for the perfect time.

If you say you don't have enough time to focus on it,
Well then take a holiday to do it.
If you really want to do it, you'll not give more excuses.

How wonderful is the presence, how wonderful is now.

The people who fight for their dreams,
Never wait until tomorrow.
Never wait until it's too late.


Express your beautiful soul and mind,
In the way you've been dreaming of
All these times.

Either you want to draw, design, sing, play music, write, act, dance, make a business, cook, etc...
If for years, since your childhood you dreamed of it,
Then go. for. it!!! :)


What are you waiting for? 

Don't wait until you wondered 'What If...?'

'What If I just did it? Maybe everything will be better now'

Stop regretting, you are just hurting yourself.
because you have the chance now to fix everything.

And remember to always appreciate opportunities you have in front of you.


Do something in everyday, that will lead you closer to reach your dreams. 

Discipline here is very important.
So it is up to you. 

But I want you to remember how strong you are,
And how I also believe in your dreams.

No person is too ordinary, to reach their dreams.
Let me tell you something,
You are wonderful.

You are talented, kind and you deserve to get their dreams.
You do it better than the first time you've tried it, right? :)
It's the proof that you are GROWING to be better.

If you realize,
Not everyone can do the things you love,
As good as you do.

Admit it. You are great. :)


My prayers go for you,
Who have these amazing dreams in your heart.
I want you to believe, that you could do it, better than you've thought.

You already reached that dream.
How is your feeling? Are you feeling more confident and worthy?

And what will you do if you already reaching that dream?

Are you gonna go to a fantastic holiday?

Or you're gonna give the money you've got to your parents?
To people who always support you?

And what will you say?

Is it a 'Thank you', to yourself, on being so discipline and passionate about this dream?
And to God, people who love you, people who inspired you?

Reaching dream is like receiving an award :)

And you could reach it,
If you forget 'someday' and had no time to think 'what if'.

Believe in your dreams (cause I do!), 
Do it passionately, continuously
Good luck :)

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