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21 January 2014

Hey guys!

Today I am gonna share what apps that is really helpful for me in everyday use of my smartphone.
As you guys noticed in my Chanel's phone cover post

I am using Samsung Galaxy Note II (N7100), which I had since 2013.

and this is list why I love it : 

1. good quality camera. Front: 1.9 MegaPixels ; Back: 8 MegaPixels. (which I used for 2 OOTD photos in my Chanel's phone cover post)

2. great quality of music and when you open it, it sounds clear and loud. The recording in-build app is also very nice. 

3. the size is really suitable for me, it's not too small and not too big. I personally like to read articles and watch directly from my phone.

4. the design of the phone is elegant especially the Marble white one that I have. *wink

5. the FREE stylus. I usually use it to write and draw what's on my mind. 

6. many themes and apps that is super cute, elegant and many more..


I will do review about my favourite apps + themes!


1. LINE Tools

That's right! This Line tools have it all, and it is really helpful for me. 
Usually I use the Unit Converter, Timer and Calculator. 
The Spaghetti scale and Size table is really worth to try later!

Trying on the Unit Converter. It has any unit, from length to radioactivity. :)

See how cute and easy it is to use? ><"
Very recommended! :) 

2. Sol Calendar 

The design is very simple and the best part is you can know when is the public holiday near your location! So you can plan some trips and activities for that days.
The all-in-one agenda (daily, monthly) is also available and 
you can write anything that you plan to do.

Download for Android  |  Download for iOS (not available)

3. PicLab
I adore this welcome-page with some of the creations using this app. 

The blue colour and layout for this page is super cute

A very cool app for photography and typography lover. 
The font's choices are modern and chic. 
It's nice to edit your photos with some quotes to inspire and show it on your Instagram!
PS: to remove the "PicLab" trademark in the photo, you need to purchase the HD version. 


1. GO Launcher EX
I'm pretty sure some of you guys already knew this app, since it's the most popular in google play store. And it has many varieties of theme! 
Take a look!

This is how the theme locker look like. Just click which theme you like to download it!

This is what I currently use, Travel Diary. 
It is simple, vintage and the apps icons are drawing in doodle style. 
You can explore many things that you like in this Locker app. I'm sure you'll find what you like! 

2. MiHome Launcher

MiHome is a chinese app and it has the most creative effect on the lock screen than the others. 

Sometimes it's just too cute, rather than 'slide to unlock', I need to open up the window. 

My personal favourite and supercool Iron Man theme! 
I am amazed with the screen lock, see it clearly, 
it has the missed message and missed call also the battery life. 
It designed really cool and techno-style. 
Also, look at the apps icon and the clock which is really suitable for Iron Man's fans. 

3. Themer (Beta)
It is a new theme locker and I personally think it has unique and modern style of themes!

Like the designs? Me too! It's supercool and I didn't even realise that I am using Android.
It's really different from the other apps. 

Simple and beautiful, this theme is called Blur


And that's it! :)
Thank you for reading, guyssss!!! 
It means so much to me, it's such a mood booster everyday seeing how many page views I have today in my blog and 2 days ago I got 110 page viewers for one day.
Thanks for believing in my blog. :) 

I hope this post is helpful for you and I hope you like the apps and themes. ;)



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