Drawing, Flowery, Pink

24 January 2014

Drawing is what I love to do since I was a little girl.
Inspired by manga and anime that were really popular in my childhood time.

I once ever made my own comic when I was 9 years old in papers and shown it to my big brother.

I asked him "this is good right?"

He only laughed.

'I really wish to draw when I grow up! I'll be an artist'

Long story short, I am a graphic designer now! 

At first I never feel confident about my drawing, but luckily my desire to draw is bigger than my fear.

So I tried, I drew!

This is my lovely cousin that I drew, she is so cute, right? 

We have the same favorite things, flowery and pink color. So I didn't have any difficulty in decorating it. It is so girly.

Do you love the pink flower pattern frame like I do? ;)

It was a really sweet project to do ♥

When I put love in things I do, it is just turns beautiful and perfect. I think you should do things that you love too.

Oh yeah this is the original drawing♥
The camera made it a little bit orange.

Hope you like it! 
Thanks for reading♥
See u on next post! 

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  1. gorgeous! these are amazing, you are so talented!

    1. thank you, that is so sweet of you Mel! ;))))