Letters to you who can't forgive.

7 February 2014

Continue from my previous post about stop hating,

It is something I need to add on, it is about forgiveness.

Maybe you are starting a new beginning, 

But it will not completely a new beginning without a forgiveness.

So ask yourself,

what haven't you forgiven?

is it some people?

is it yourself?

take your time to think about it.

How long you've been thinking bad about this?

How often you think about the scenarios 
that might happened if you could just change things in the past?

How badly you blame yourself / other people about what happened?
Is it make you feel you wanna cry?

See, here.

In this moment,

I want you to think widely, and observing.

What were you feel when you did that thing?

What were you thinking?

And can you guess what they think when they did that mistake?

Try to see in many perceptions before you judge or blame.
And try to understand it, how will you react if you are in the other person's shoes.

Of course as a human, we can feel sad.

But nobody wants to suffer in that sad feeling for a long time, 

you need to get over this. you deserve all the happiness in front of you.

You could be loved no matter what.


How to forgive ?

As I said above,

First, try to understand what is really happening, the point of views and the lesson you could take in that situation.

And then, after you understand, 

Give a forgiveness. 
To yourself, to them, to everything that made you sad.

Imagine if they are already say sorry to you, if they already did, 
maybe you need an apologize more, just imagine it.
I've tried it and it makes me can forgive it quickly.

The thing is,

Not about what their doing is unacceptable, is bad for you, is hurting.

It is who they were, and people can change, get over it.
if they are still the same, be thankful that you are not that kind of person.

What is more important is 
don't you realize that 
your peacefulness is been taken away by talking and thinking bad about them?

Feeling anger or guilty can make your days go really bad and it makes you somehow fear of the same thing could happen to you, so it will make you scare to try new things or meet new people.

Do you see that this is not a good impact for you? 

Forgive them, so you can be free.
Forgive them, because it is a wonderful gift for healing yourself and find your peace.


Release that anger, sadness and disappointment,

because you can't take those negative feelings everyday with you.



So now officially,

 I welcome you to the new beginning. :)

It feels really good after forgiving right? :D

Choose forgiveness, Choose Love. 


See you on the next post!
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  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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