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12 January 2014

It's been twelve days in January 2014. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I did! 
Since it is a fresh new beginning, I see everyone is still on their holiday mood and I love to see all the new year resolutions everywhere. The spirit of a new year is really a blessing! :) 
I love how my new year's eve is being with closest family and friends.

When a new year comes, people start to evaluate what they've done and what they didn't do in 2013. 
It is also a great timing to let go of what happened, saying goodbye to the past. 

I have a long list of resolutions this year, that I've made that special list with my best friend, Neechan. On my own lists I have 35 things to achieve this year! And it will be more and more. 

I am gonna share to you the top 5 in my resolution lists!

#1. Do the best in everything! 
To give the best version of me in everything that I do, it is important to do, to make it more meaningful and the result will be better. :) 

#2. Accept and serve everyone equally.
Show them how great I am.
Acceptance and serving other people is what people really need. 
I like the idea not to be selfish, but to give people more things to make them love being with me. 
It's not about what I am talking about myself, Or what I want to do, 
But it's about focusing on them, 
listening to their stories, do what they want to do,
Act of service is rarely seen, so I wanna practice to do that. 
Sometimes I meet the selfish people, but it's always how I wanna react to that person, 
that shows how great I am, not about 'how bad they are' anymore. 
(to be free from judge, more explanation in here)

#3. May my life be the inspiration.
I really have the passion in doing this, like blogging (which I started to blog since 10 years a go), 
I love learning about psychology, sub-conscious mind technique to get a positive self talk, 
people's personality and how to handle it. 
I hope that this year, step by step, through my blog, social media, my everyday life, 
I can be the inspiration.
And of course I will always evaluate myself to be more than this. 

#4. Make my dreams come true. No matter what.
I have a lot of interests, 
Now I am interested in design, singing, writing, photography, business, psychology, and playing piano. It is all my world to me, it is all meaningful to me and I will make all of my dreams come true. One by one, of course. 
But I really believe in my dreams, I don't want it to be just a dream. 
I wanna do what's best for me, what I always wanted since I was a little girl.
There's no 'perfect time' to start it 'someday'. (See more explanation in here)
The time is now, the dreams become amazing plans. And I think I can do it!
No more time to compare myself to others, 
because I believe in myself, I am using my time to focus on  reaching my dreams. 
I hope you can have the strength and confidence to do that too. See my previous post to be confident.

#5. Be the great woman I always want to be. For my future.
Because of I am the youngest in the family, I always feel like I haven't reached that adult level yet. But in fact, I am now adult.
It's time about finding money, be serious with my passion and more responsible.
I'm sure you have the picture in your mind on how a great woman is. And so do I.
I imagine that when women see me, they will say 'I wanna be a woman like that'.

Good luck & count your blessings. 
PS: Thanks for reading, keep reading! :)

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