Let's Strengthen Your Confidence!

11 January 2014

Hi guys, thank you for 150++ pageviews in a day! ^____^ 
Its really amazing and I wanna tell you how much it means to me, knowing that many of you are reading this blog.
You guys have motivated me to write better. Once again, Thank you! ^^ 

Today, I present a great post here to remind you to feel confident. 

There were times when we feel not confident, compare ourselves to another person.
It feels not really good, isn't it?

Do you know if you wanna look good, you must feel confident first? 
Confidence is like the fuel to start your engine.

According to my previous post, it is said "You don't need to wait to be perfect, to be confident." 

I used to feel not confident with myself, my appearance, my skills. 
With internet, now I can explore the famous people who are more expert in things I love.
It made me feel down,
 but it's not their fault,
my jealousy is the wrong way to react.

They deserved to be good, because they are working so hard and put more effort
If I wanna be good too, I must put more effort. 
As simple as that.

And what's the use in being insecure about my own skills? 
I might not be the best person in the world in what I am doing now, but....

I know that I have took so much time to reach this. I know what I've been through. It has the pain, it has the joy. And I ever wished that I want to reach this level sooo badly, and now I already reached it.

I won't let another person's stories make me feel down. 
I will reach it also with my ways. I am proud of myself. 

This is my victory story. :)

I understand that everybody has different time and way to be good at something.

And the good news is, I still have the chance to learn and improve it everyday. 
So nothing to worry as long as I wanna do the best, right?

I might not be the best person at singing, designing, or writing in the world,
but I'll still do it anyway. :)

Because I appreciate myself and I have learned a lot in these things. 
I believe that I can do it and I have confidence. 

Here are steps to boost your confident :)

Think of the time that you feel really confident.
It is can be when you are doing the hobby that you are expert at. 
For example, drawing, photography, business, or talk about the topic that you already good at.
Or when you talk with someone who admires you. 
Anything, any situation that you felt strongly confident. 

Remember that confident feeling be with you 
in every situation.
So you can feel "I CAN OVERCOME THIS", "I CAN DO IT".

Stop comparing; Start focusing & loving yourself.
It is your life, you must be more focus on yourself than others.
You can spend your free time to improve your skills, to make people around you happy,
And do the things that you like to do. Go hang out in the place that you always want to be. 
Go travelling. Practice your skills. I believe you have your own way to love yourself. ;)

Believe and you are already halfway there.
The best thing you will ever felt is to believe... 
To ignore the fear...
Come on, the future hasn't be written yet, why do you have to be so afraid?
Nobody's perfect. Why so serious? Enjoy and live your life to the fullest. 
Show them what you can do, be brave. Proud of yourself. Write your victory story. ;)

Confidence is really a big thing to make you go through your life everyday, in order to feel good, it is all started with confident and proud about yourself. :) 

Believe me, when you become confident, you will feel extremely great everyday. 

And there is always an amazing result when you do things with confident. 
I tried it. You should, too. :))))) 

Good luck & Count your blessings.
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